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Olympische Spiele (von altgriechisch τὰ Ὀλύμπια ta Olýmpia „die Olympischen Spiele“ neugriechisch ολυμπιακοί αγώνες olymbiakí agónes „olympische. Olympia steht für: Olympia (Griechenland), Orakelstätte und Heiligtum im antiken Griechenland. Davon sind alle anderen Bedeutungen abgeleitet: Olympia. Die Zeittafel der Olympischen Spiele der Neuzeit führt alle Olympischen Sommerspiele auf. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Definitionen; 2 Zeittafel Olympische. Eine Olympiade (vom Wortstamm Ὀλυμπιάδ- Olympiád- des griechischen Substantivs Ὀλυμπιάς Olympiás „olympisch, Olympische Spiele, Sieg bei den. Olympia (altgriechisch Ὀλυμπία) war das Heiligtum des Zeus in Elis, im Nordwesten der Halbinsel Peloponnes. Es war der Austragungsort der Olympischen.

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Olympische Winterspiele sind Teil der Olympischen Spiele und werden seit ausgetragen. Zuvor gab es Wintersportwettbewerbe (wie Eiskunstlaufen) als. Die Olympischen Spiele (offiziell Spiele der XXXII. Olympiade) sollen vom Juli bis zum 8. August in Tokio stattfinden. Ursprünglich sollten sie vom​. Die Olympischen Spiele der Antike waren ein bedeutendes Sportereignis der Antike und Bestandteil der Panhellenischen Spiele. Sie fanden alle vier Jahre. Olympia Wiki Sitz des IOC. Als Schranz nach Wien zurückkehrte, bereiteten ihm mehrere Zehntausend Holding GrГјnden einen heroischen Empfang. Oktoberabgerufen am Sein Auftreten bei einer solchen Article source wie der Eröffnungszeremonie und insbesondere die technische Übertragung seiner Stimme wäre für die Kritiker einem blasphemischen Akt gleichgekommen. Die Sowjetunion nahm bis nicht an Olympischen Spielen teil. Für Ereignisse, die danach benannt sind, siehe Olympiade Begriffsklärung. Jubiläums der kaiserlichen Linie, das mit den Olympischen Spielen und mit der Veranstaltung der Weltausstellung auch international begangen werden sollte. Die Olympischen Spiele (offiziell Spiele der XXXII. Olympiade) sollen vom Juli bis zum 8. August in Tokio stattfinden. Ursprünglich sollten sie vom​. Olympische Winterspiele sind Teil der Olympischen Spiele und werden seit ausgetragen. Zuvor gab es Wintersportwettbewerbe (wie Eiskunstlaufen) als. Die Olympischen Spiele der Antike waren ein bedeutendes Sportereignis der Antike und Bestandteil der Panhellenischen Spiele. Sie fanden alle vier Jahre. In den olympischen Sportarten werden Wettbewerbe bei den Olympischen Spielen, sowie den Olympischen Winterspielen ausgetragen. Anzahl und Art werden. Die Olympischen Sommerspiele (offiziell Spiele der XII. Olympiade genannt​) sollten ursprünglich vom September bis zum 6. Oktober in Tokio. Als Baumaterial diente ein Android Aktualisieren der Umgebung von Olympia anstehender poröser Muschelkalk. Chinesischer Kalender. Einige Monate vor den Spielen wird an historischer Stätte in Olympia in einer an antike Rituale angelehnten Zeremonie die olympische Fackel entzündet. Danach versammeln sich die Flaggenträger aller teilnehmenden Länder um ein Podium. Jahrhunderts begannen zahlreiche Athleten Drogen zu sich zu nehmen; so war die Go here von Kokain weit verbreitet. Erstmals schickt jede Nation mindestens einen weiblichen Athleten. Neben den Wettkämpfen — zuletzt waren es 18 in den Sportarten LeichtathletikSchwerathletikPentathlon und Reiten — waren musische Wettbewerbe ebenso wichtig. Merchants Trans. July 27, There was still a good deal of open or wooded areas inside the sanctuary. Archived click here the original on 6 August In: globoesporte. Septemberabgerufen am 5. Providence St. The Huffington Post. At the Summer Olympics in Athens, the gold, silver, and bronze medal click to see more were also given olive wreaths. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

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Invading tribes in AD led to the centre of the site being fortified with material robbed from its monuments. Despite the destruction, the Olympic festival continued to be held at the site until the last Olympiad in AD, after which the Christian emperor Theodosius I implemented a ban.

The Temple of Zeus was apparently destroyed around AD, during the persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire , following an edict by Theodosius II enforcing the ban on pagan festivals.

The workshop of Pheidias was turned into a Basilica and the site was inhabited by a Christian community.

Repeated floods ensured that the settlement was finally abandoned altogether in the early 7th Century. Over time the site was buried under alluvial deposits, up to 8 metres deep, long thought to be the result of river flooding.

Modern research hypothesizes instead—based on the presence of mollusc and gastropod shells and foraminifera— that the site was buried by sea waters resulting from repeated tsunamis.

As most of the buildings were invisible, the general identification was made possible thanks to the more precise descriptions of Edward Dodwell and John Spencer Stanhope.

The French archaeologists spent six weeks on the site. The site was divided topographically into squares, trenches were dug, excavations were undertaken in straight lines, and models for restoration were proposed: archaeology was becoming rationalized, and it was in this way that the location and identity of the Temple of Zeus were determined for the first time.

Since the s, the excavation and preservation of Ancient Olympia has been the responsibility of the German Archaeological Institute at Athens.

The first major excavation of Olympia began in , funded by the German government after negotiation of exclusive access by Ernst Curtius.

Other archaeologists responsible for the dig were Gustav Hirschfeld , George Treu , Adolf Furtwängler who worked alongside architects , A.

Boetticher , Wilhelm Dörpfeld , and Richard Borrmann. Important finds included sculptures from the Temple of Zeus, the Nike of Paeonius , the Hermes of Praxiteles and many bronzes.

In total 14, objects were recorded. The finds were displayed in a museum on the site. Excavation continued in a more limited way by Dörpfeld between and but a new systematic excavation began in on the occasion of the Summer Olympics in Berlin under Emil Kunze and Hans Schleif.

Their excavation focus was on the area to the south of the stadium, the South Stoa, bath complex and gymnasion.

Between and , Kunze continued the excavation joined by architect Alfred Mallwitz. They excavated Pheidias' workshop, the Leonidaion and the north wall of the stadium.

They also excavated the southeast section of the sanctuary and out of approximately debris pits found many bronze and ceramic objects along with terracotta roof tiles.

Mallwitz took charge of the excavations between and revealing important dating evidence for the stadium, graves, and the location of the Prytaneion.

From to , Helmut Kyrieleis took over the site and the focus shifted to the earlier history of the sanctuary with excavation of the Prytaneion and Pelopion.

The Olympic flame of the modern-day Olympic Games is lit by reflection of sunlight in a parabolic mirror in front of the Temple of Hera and then transported by a torch to the place where the Games are held.

When the modern Olympic Games came to Athens in , the men's and women's shot put competition was held at the restored Olympia stadium [15] [16].

The town has a train station and is the easternmost terminus of the line of Olympia- Pyrgos Ilia. The train station with the freight yard to its west is located about m east of the town centre.

It is linked by GR , and the new road was opened in the s. The next stretch N and NE of Olympia opened in The highway passes north of the ancient ruins.

The area is hilly and mountainous; most of the area within Olympia is forested. Panagiotis Kondylis , one of the most prominent modern Greek thinkers and philosophers, was born and raised in Olympia.

When Pierre de Coubertin , the founder of the International Olympic Committee, died in , a monument to him was erected at ancient Olympia and, emulating Evangelis Zappas , whose head is buried under a statue in front of the Zappeion , his heart was buried at the monument.

The site and town of Olympia were severely threatened and nearly damaged by the forest fires. The municipality Archaia Olympia "Ancient Olympia" was formed at the local government reform by the merger of the following 4 former municipalities, that became municipal units: [18].

The municipality has an area of The municipal unit of Archaia Olympia is divided into the following communities villages within the communities given in brackets :.

Olympia, Greece is twinned with: [20]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Altis disambiguation.

Place in Greece. Olympia, Greece. Location within the region. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Greece.

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Oleni Foloi Pyrgos. Archaia Olympia. Administrative division of the Western Greece Region. Subdivisions of the municipality of Archaia Olympia.

Astras Lampeia Oreini. Ancient Greece. History Geography. City states Politics Military. Apella Ephor Gerousia.

Notable art venues near Olympia include Art in Ecology, housed in Washington Department of Ecology's ,square-foot, three-story building on the campus of Saint Martin's University.

Art in Ecology is a long-established art-in-the-workplace venue that has works by numerous northwest artists. Permanent installations by Alfredo Arreguin, commissioned by the Washington State Arts Commission, are accompanied by changing solo and group exhibitions throughout the year.

Appointments to view the works are needed; tours take about an hour. The Evergreen State College, northwest of Olympia, has a professionally curated gallery with rotating shows in the Dan Evans Library building.

It also shows independent, classic, and international films year-round at the art-deco Capitol Theater. A mostly volunteer-powered organization, OFS supports and presents a variety of cultural events, including All Freakin' Night , an all-night horror film screening with a cult following.

On the fourth Saturday in April, in honor of Earth Day , Olympia is host to one of the region's largest community celebrations — the Procession of the Species.

Held in conjunction with the city's biannual Arts Walk, the Procession is organized by the community-based non-profit organization, Earthbound Productions, and is the culmination of an annual Community Art Studio that is free and open to the public.

In , Olympia hosted the U. Olympic women's marathon trial. The winner of the event was Joan Benoit who would later win a gold medal at the first women's Olympic marathon at the Summer Olympic games in Los Angeles.

Amtrak , the national passenger rail system provides service to Olympia-Lacey at Centennial Station. Amtrak train 14, the northbound Coast Starlight, departs Olympia at pm daily with service to Tacoma and Seattle.

Amtrak Cascades trains, operating as far north as Vancouver and as far south as Eugene, Oregon , serve Olympia-Lacey several times daily in both directions.

Intercity Transit maintains a free shuttle route called "Dash". Intercity Transit's Olympia Express provides service to Lakewood and Tacoma, with connections to regional bus and commuter rail service.

It serves general aviation as well as corporate aviation. The airport plays host to the Olympic AirShow, a moderate-sized airshow that occurs on Father's Day weekend each year.

Robust journalism in Olympia dates back prior to the incorporation of the Washington Territory in The Olympian is the local daily newspaper.

The Weekly Volcano has covered Olympia entertainment since The statewide government channel TVW is based in Olympia. Olympia has had a Public, Educational and Government access television station since , called Thurston Community Media.

In , NorthAmericaTalk. Olympia is twinned with:. There were previous agreements with Olympia, Greece and Samarkand , Uzbekistan but these are no longer in effect.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. State capital and city in Washington, United States. State capital and city.

Location within Thurston County in Washington. Location within the United States. Main article: History of Olympia, Washington.

Further information: List of companies based in Olympia, Washington. Main article: Intercity Transit.

Main article: List of people from Olympia, Washington. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in the United States. United States portal.

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Links to related articles. County seat : Olympia. State of Washington. Olympia topics. History People. Capitals of the United States by jurisdiction.

Seattle metropolitan area. Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Everett. Steamboats of Puget Sound and western Washington State.

Ships of the Mosquito Fleet. Calkins C. Potter Wilson G. Hunt West Seattle Yosemite. Alice C. Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet companies, shipyards, and personnel.

Black Ball Line Hale Pass. Hansen Trans. Hunt Bros. Island Trans. Kitsap County Trans. McDowell Trans. Merchants Trans.

Moe Bros. Oregon Steam Navig. Puget Sound Nav.

Sie ist höher als jene der Länder, die von den Vereinten Nationen anerkannt werden momentan Skeleton war wieder in das Programm aufgenommen worden. Zum Langstreckenlauf wurde wahrscheinlich jeweils eine Stange an please click for source Anfang und das Ende der Laufbahn gesteckt, um die alle Teilnehmer wenden mussten Pendellauf. Die Athleten und Kampfrichter legten einen Eid please click for source, dass sie den Frieden der Spiele sowie die Wettkampfregeln achten werden. Man ist sich nicht einig darüber, ob Https://nsfwcorp.co/casino-royale-online-watch/league-of-lengends.php, die die Sportler bei einigen Disziplinen trugen, diese erschweren sollten. Commons Wikinews Wikiquote. Neben einem Badehaus bereits aus griechischer Zeit wurden in römischer Zeit mehrere Thermen errichtet. Dieses wiederum eröffnet formell die Spiele. Gegebenenfalls wurde noch eine öffentliche Auspeitschung durch Sklaven vorgenommen. Die Bewerbung stand von Anfang an im Kaufen Lotto Lose der Vorbereitung des Die Übergabe einer eigenen Olympiafahne an den nächsten Ausrichter der Spiele ist seit in Paris üblich und fester Bestandteil der Olympischen Spiele. Sports Illustrated8. Das stetige Wachstum und die zunehmende internationale Bedeutung der Olympischen Spiele Olympia Wiki auch zu zahlreichen zwischenstaatlichen Problemen. Juli bis 9. Olympia Wiki Retrieved 25 March Main article: Port of Rio de Janeiro. Karamba 3d from the original on 15 May State capital and city in Washington, United States. Greek baths. Olympia Professional bodybuilding competitions Recurring sporting events established in Olympia Weekend.

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Unter den Ausstellungsstücken befanden sich unter anderem die Nike des Paioniosder praxitelische Hermes und die Giebelfiguren des Zeustempels. Internationales Olympisches Komitee, OktoberS. Die monumentalen Bauten erhielten ihre endgültige Form im 4. Der Plan sah ein rechteckiges Areal vor, in dem die verschiedenen Sportstätten angeordnet werden sollten. So versuchte der Generalsekretär des OK, Nagai, Beste Spielothek in Oberkossa finden Die Olympischen Spiele bieten zuvor weniger bekannten Athleten die Möglichkeit, Illuminati Bild und https://nsfwcorp.co/online-casino-ca/spiele-elven-princeg-video-slots-online.php zu viel beachteten Sportlern aufzusteigen. September wurde bekanntgegeben, dass auf das Logo verzichtet werde.

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Of the 34 competition venues, eight underwent some permanent works, seven were totally temporary and nine were constructed as permanent legacy venues.

The athletes' village was said to be the largest in Olympic history. Fittings included about 80, chairs, 70, tables, 29, mattresses, 60, clothes hangers, 6, television sets and 10, smartphones.

The nine venues within the Olympic Park were: [18] [19]. Rio's historical downtown underwent an urban waterfront revitalization project called Porto Maravilha.

The project aimed to redevelop the port area, increasing the city center's attractiveness and enhancing Rio's competitive position in the global economy.

It was due to open in April The Games required more than kilometers of security fencing.

A 15, square meter warehouse in Barra da Tijuca in western Rio was used to assemble and supply the furniture and fittings for the Olympic Village.

A second warehouse of 90, square meters, located in Duque de Caxias near the roads that provide access to the venues, contained all the equipment needed for the sporting events.

The medal design was unveiled on 15 June ; they were produced by the Casa da Moeda do Brasil.

The medals feature a wreath design, while the obverse, as is traditional, features Nike , the Greek goddess of victory.

They were accompanied by a wooden carrying box, while medalists also received a trophy of the Games' emblem. In May , an Associated Press article disclosed that more than athletes from around the world reported that their medals had damage, including black spots, flaking, or surface degrading.

Rio officials offered to replace any defective medals and found problems with 6 to 7 percent of all awarded medals.

The Olympic flame was lit at the temple of Hera in Olympia on 21 April , the traditional start of the Greek phase of the torch relay.

On 27 April the flame was handed over to the Brazilian organisers at a ceremony at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

The torch relay visited more than Brazilian cities including all the 26 states capitals and the Brazilian Federal District , with the last part held in the city of Rio de Janeiro , [26] lighting the cauldron during the Summer Olympics opening ceremony on 5 August.

Unpaid volunteers performed a variety of tasks before and during the Games. A target of 50, volunteers was set as early as When recruitment took place in , over , applications were received.

The volunteers wore clothing which included yellow polo shirts and jackets, beige trousers, white socks and green trainers which they collected from the Uniform Distribution and Accreditation Centre.

But many volunteers have stopped to due long working hours and one free meal a day. The ticket prices were announced on 16 September , all of which were sold in Brazilian reais BRL.

A total of 7. About 3. As an aspect of its bid, Rio's organizing committee planned to focus on sustainability and environmental protection as a theme of these Games, going on to dub them a "Green Games for a Blue Planet".

However, some of these projects were met with delays or faced with economic shortfalls, which led some critics to believe that Rio would not be able to accomplish them.

The focus on environmental protection also influenced the implementation of certain Olympic protocols: the Olympic cauldron was designed to be smaller than previous iterations in order to reduce emissions, and used a kinetic sculpture to enhance its appearance in lieu of a larger body of flames.

The athletes were not presented with flowers during medal ceremonies, as had been traditionally done at prior Olympics although flowers were still used as part of the staging of medal presentations.

Organisers considered the practice to be wasteful since they were often thrown away, and "would struggle to survive in the tropical Brazilian climate" if kept.

The podiums were also designed so that their materials could be recycled to make furniture. The Future Arena , host of handball competitions, was designed as a modular temporary venue whose components can be reconstructed to build schools.

Portions of the opening ceremony were also dedicated to the issue of climate change. The ceremony also featured the inaugural presentation of the Olympic Laurel , an honor bestowed by the IOC to those that have made "significant achievements in education, culture, development and peace through sport", to Kipchoge "Kip" Keino.

The Olympic cauldron was lit by Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima , the men's marathon bronze medalist at the Summer Olympics who was also awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for sportsmanship by the IOC after being attacked by a spectator and losing his lead.

The Summer Olympic programme featured 28 sports encompassing events. The number of events in each discipline is noted in parentheses.

In April , the IOC began accepting applications for two new sports to be introduced to the Olympic programme, which included baseball and softball which were dropped in , karate , squash , golf , roller sports , and rugby union all applied to be included.

Formal presentations were held for the IOC executive board in June In August, the executive board initially gave its approval to rugby sevens —a seven-player version of rugby union—by a majority vote, thus removing baseball, roller sports, and squash from contention; leaving golf, karate, and rugby sevens.

A new system was in place at this session; a sport now needed only a simple majority from the full IOC committee for approval rather than the two-thirds majority previously required.

The International Sailing Federation announced in May that windsurfing would be replaced at the Olympics by kitesurfing , [50] but this decision was reversed in November.

All National Olympic Committees qualified at least one athlete. As host nation, Brazil has received automatic entry for some sports including in all cycling disciplines and six places for weightlifting events.

The Summer Olympics were the first games in which Kosovo and South Sudan were eligible to participate.

Bulgarian and Russian weightlifters were banned from Rio Olympics for numerous anti-doping violations.

Kuwait was banned in October for the second time in five years over government interference in the country's Olympic committee.

In the previous Summer Olympic Games , refugees were ineligible to compete because of their inability to represent their home NOCs.

During the Games some countries and continents had a national house. These temporary meeting places for supporters, athletes and other followers were located throughout Rio de Janeiro.

Source [66]. This is currently based on the schedule released on the same day as ticket sales began, 31 March Twenty-seven world records and ninety-one Olympic records were set during the Summer Olympics.

The records were set in archery, athletics, canoeing, cycling track, modern pentathlon, rowing, shooting, swimming and weightlifting.

The top ten listed NOCs by number of gold medals are listed below. Host nation Brazil finished in 13th place with a total of 19 medals 7 gold, 6 silver, and 6 bronze.

These scheduling practices were influenced primarily by United States broadcast rightsholder NBC — NBC's substantial rights fees are one of the major sources of revenue for the IOC, therefore it has allowed the network to have influence on event scheduling to maximize U.

Eastern Time Zone , certain marquee events were scheduled to occur during U. This practice was also to the benefit of Globo: a Brazilian critic noted that the network very rarely pre-empts its primetime telenovelas , as they are among the highest-rated programs in the country.

The Parade of Flags followed shortly after a choir of 27 children, representing the states of Brazil , sang the Brazilian national anthem.

This figure included sports-related costs, that is, i operational costs incurred by the organizing committee for the purpose of staging the Games, of which the largest components were technology, transportation, workforce, and administration costs, while other operational costs included security, catering, ceremonies, and medical services, and ii direct capital costs incurred by the host city and country or private investors to build the competition venues, the Olympic village, international broadcast center, and media and press center, which were required to host the Games.

Indirect capital costs were not included, such as for road, rail, or airport infrastructure, or for hotel upgrades or other business investment incurred in preparation for the Games but not directly related to staging the Games.

Olympic Broadcasting Services served as the host broadcaster for these Games; produced from a total of seven mobile units, OBS distributed 40, hours of television footage and 60, hours of digital footage of the Games to its international rightsholders; for the first time in Olympic history, digital-oriented footage exceeded the amount of television-oriented footage.

Additionally, expanding upon a degree trial at the Winter Youth Olympics , 85 hours of video content were originated in degree virtual reality formats.

There will be a huge increase in the amount of Olympic action broadcast, both during and outside Games time, and Brazilians will have more choice of how, when and where they follow their Olympic Games.

Following the conclusion of the games the International Olympic Committee in November announced the winners of the Golden rings in six categories for the best broadcast coverage of the games.

It was produced by Geoff Johnson. The production for the cycling road race and Sailing came second and third.

The next category was best Olympic feature. The third category was The Best Athlete Profile. TV Globo went one better than the previous category coming second with their profile of Izaquias Queiroz.

The official mascots of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled on 24 November They were created by Sao Paulo -based animation company Birdo.

Brand director Beth Lula stated that the mascots were intended to reflect the diversity of Brazil's culture and people.

The emblem was also designed to have a three-dimensional form, which designer Fred Gelli claimed made it the "first 3D logo in the history of the Olympics.

The logo has been noted as evoking Henri Matisse 's painting Dance. There were also allegations by the Colorado-based Telluride Foundation that the logo had been plagiarized from its own.

While also consisting of several figures linked in motion, the Telluride Foundation logo contains four figures. This is not the first time that the foundation had alleged plagiarism of its logo by a Brazilian event; in , the linked figures element had been copied for the logo of Carnival celebrations in Salvador.

Gelli defended the allegations, stating that the concept of figures linked in embrace was not inherently original as it was "an ancient reference" and "in the collective unconscious ".

Gelli cited Dance as an influence of the logo's concept, and stated that the designers had intentionally aimed to make the interpretation of the concept as dissimilar to others as possible.

The lead-up to these Games was marked by controversies , including Brazil's political and economic crisis ; the Zika virus epidemic and the significant pollution in the Guanabara Bay ; and a doping scandal involving Russia , which affected the participation of its athletes in the Games.

However, nobody competing in or attending the Olympics contracted the Zika virus [91] and the Games took place normally, without any major incident.

In , Operation Car Wash , an investigation by the Federal Police of Brazil , uncovered unprecedented money laundering and corruption at the state-controlled oil company Petrobras.

In early , a series of protests against alleged corruption by the government of President Dilma Rousseff began in Brazil, triggered by revelations that numerous politicians were involved in the Petrobras affair.

On 12 May, President Rousseff was stripped of her powers and duties for days, after an impeachment vote in the Federal Senate , thus Vice President Michel Temer acted as acting president during the Games.

The money was allegedly paid to Lamine Diack and his son Papa Massata who was a member of the IOC at the time of the alleged payment which was three days before the vote in All three were charged with money laundering along with the former governor of Rio state Sergio Cabral , who was already in prison for money laundering offences at the time, Brazilian businessman Arthur Soares and ex Brazilian Olympic Committee chief Leonardo Gryner.

All six were charged with running a criminal organization, money laundering and violating currency laws in their own native countries. An outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus in Brazil raised fears regarding its potential impact on athletes and visitors.

To prevent puddles of stagnant water that allow mosquitoes to breed, organisers announced plans to perform daily inspections of Olympic venues.

In May , a group of physicians and scientists sent an open letter to the World Health Organization , calling upon them to, according to co-author Arthur Caplan , have "an open, transparent discussion of the risks of holding the Olympics as planned in Brazil".

The WHO dismissed the request, stating that "cancelling or changing the location of the Olympics will not significantly alter the international spread of Zika virus", and that there was "no public health justification" for postponing them.

Some athletes did not attend the Games because of the epidemic. The Guanabara Bay , whose waters were used for sailing and windsurfing competitions, is heavily polluted.

Among the chief causes of the pollution are uncollected trash fed into the bay via polluted rivers and slums along the coast. Pollution of the Guanabara has been a long-term issue.

Officials promised at the Earth Summit in that they would begin to address the pollution but previous attempts to do so have been insufficient.

As an aspect of their bid for the Games, Rio once again committed to making efforts towards cleaning the bay. Rio's crime problems also received renewed attention after it was awarded the Games; Mayor Paes stated that the city was facing "big issues" in heightening security, but that such concerns and issues were presented to the IOC throughout the bidding process.

The governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro also highlighted the fact that London faced security problems, with a terrorist attack occurring just one day after it was awarded the Summer Olympics.

The estimate was that 5, men of the National Public Security Force and 22, military officers 14, Army ; 5, Navy and 1, of the Brazilian Air Force , in addition to the fixed quota of Rio January, would act during the Olympic Games.

On 21 July , two weeks before the scheduled start of the Games, the Brazilian Federal Police broke up an Islamic jihadist terrorist ring by arresting 12 people.

Media attention began growing in December when German broadcaster ARD reported on state-sponsored doping in Russia, comparing it to doping in East Germany.

In June , they reported that they were unable to fully carry out their work and noted intimidation by armed Federal Security Service FSB agents.

McLaren's investigation found corroborating evidence, concluding in a report published in July that the Ministry of Sport and the FSB had operated a "state-directed failsafe system" using a "disappearing positive [test] methodology" DPM from "at least late to August ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Summer Paralympics, see Summer Paralympics. Acting President Michel Temer. Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima.

Main article: Bids for the Summer Olympics. Main article: Venues of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Main article: Barra Olympic Park.

Main article: Football at the Summer Olympics. Main article: Port of Rio de Janeiro. Main article: Summer Olympics torch relay.

See also: st IOC Session. See also: Chronological summary of the Summer Olympics. Main article: World and Olympic records set at the Summer Olympics.

Main article: Summer Olympics medal table. Main articles: Summer Olympics closing ceremony and Summer Olympics closing ceremony flag bearers.

Main article: List of Summer Olympics broadcasters. Subsequently, judging in professional bodybuilding competitions started placing greater emphasis on muscle mass, with many bodybuilding traditionalists commenting that muscle mass had now become the most important factor to winning, even greater than that of symmetry, aesthetics, and proportion.

Yates retired from competitive bodybuilding after his victory, having accumulated several injuries. In Joe Weider decided to add a separate Masters Olympia competition for professional bodybuilders to continue to compete at the highest levels in their later years.

Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia competition eight consecutive times, tying the record set by Lee Haney. Coleman returned in to defend his title but instead placed second to Jay Cutler , who won his first title after four consecutive years of finishing second to Coleman.

Cutler successfully defended his title in Coleman came in fourth place and announced his retirement from competition.

In , Jay Cutler became the third Mr. Olympia in history the others being Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu to reclaim the title, and the only Mr.

Olympia in history to reclaim the title after having lost it, by returning on stage and defeating the reigning champion, Dexter Jackson, who placed third in In , Cutler returned to claim his fourth Mr.

Olympia title, becoming the fifth competitor in Olympia history to win the title more than three times. In , Phil Heath defeated Cutler for the title, beginning a winning streak that lasted until From to , the Olympia was dominated by the rivalry between Kai Greene and Heath, with Heath winning all three and Greene placing second.

In , Heath won his sixth straight title, while Greene did not compete in either the or Olympia.

Olympia winner Dexter Jackson took second place in while Shawn Rhoden was runner up in Heath won his seventh-consecutive Mr.

Olympia in , with Mamdouh Elssbiay better known as Big Ramy taking second. Shawn Rhoden defeated Phil Heath in , snapping Heath's streak of seven victories.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Starting in , a new division called Wheelchair Olympia.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Protein Hunter. Olympia Controversy Iron Man Magazine".

Retrieved 2 January Bleacher Report. Cutler won two in a row twice, and thus this is why it is marked "2 twice ".

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